About Chloe Kyle

When I was in my teens I had a couple of accidents which caused concussion, affected my skeletal and nervous system and turned my world upside down. Stuck in a body full of pain, forced to drop out of school and feeling misunderstood by doctors who failed to diagnose the issue, I found myself searching for a deeper meaning to life.


It was an adventurous search. By my mid twenties, I had gained a university degree, tried my hand at a variety of different jobs, sampled living in a handful of different countries, crossed continents  and climbed mountains. But I still felt inadequate in the way I handled my pain and yearned to find my soul’s true purpose.

“When the student is ready a teacher will appear”

These outer adventures prepared me for the beginning of a richer, deeper, inner adventure, for which I feel eternally grateful. These writings are my attempt to share some of the shifts in consciousness this inner adventure has graced me with.

I currently live in Sussex with my husband, son and cocker spaniels.