Today I Walk with the Divine Key in my Pocket

Yesterday I wandered too far,

Striving for something I forgot I already had.

Fog descended, smothering the trail.

Disorientated, I stumbled, twisted my ankle, grazed my knee.


Lost and alone, bruised and bleeding,

Waiting for the mist to lift.

I sensed the haze close in

Becoming thicker and heavier.


In well-thought-out plans of escape,

I became further entrapped.

Until I remembered the key you gave me,

And softened to seek your guidance within.


  A spark of clarity burned through the haze.

This impenetrable fog, I now see,

Is of my own creation.

And  you’ve graced me the key to its unmaking.


Today I walk with Shabda in my pocket,

A rare pearl charged with our love at dawn.

A love so powerful it sets me alight and radiates out.

Graced to be a vessel, divine purpose refound.

(Shabda: power of divine love in expression)

4 thoughts on “Today I Walk with the Divine Key in my Pocket

  1. A breath of fresh Air, dearest Chloe. I can sense the loving tingle of the fingers as the Shabda poured through. Those moments of oneness are to behold and surge us higher giving us glimpses only lover’s are allowed, and these we keep as secret language between The Lover and….who shall I say?
    Off track again is this wanderer ;-).
    The overflow has come through and it is much welcome to this eye.
    Thank you for the momentary dance. Much Love and Blessings sweet one.


    • Oh Logan, thank you for taking the time to write here. I so appreciate your words. I always feel a bit reticent to share … so it warms my heart to hear this poem resonates with you. Thank you again, and keep dancing!


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