An Ode to Autumn


I am a Sycamore tree

Branches laden with leaves of woe

Painful memories of past misdeeds

Of grief, anger, fear and greed

Sycamore tree

Broad leaves of undue attachment to mind’s desires

Illusory concepts of how marriage, motherhood, work, health, should be

Spiky leaves of criticism and self-reproach

Heavy leaves of negativity that drink my life force and stifle my being


You take my hand and show me their colours

This motley collection that is part of me

Their beautiful autumn hues of deep painful crimson

Burnt hopes of orange, hints of fading joyous green

Slivers of dying angry brown, undue highs of yellow

Tinged with golden reflections


And I see the magnificence of their purpose

The divine blessing their pain reveals

How the agony of their revelation

Is only a calling to go home


A calling for this yearning soul to open and soften in divine surrender

To let go of these burdens, allowing them to flutter away in the wake of your Grace

To be stripped bare of all that was, to rest in your arms and bask in your love

An empty vessel, yours to endow, with a love so deep to bid only your will


Baraka Bashad

P.S. If you enjoyed reading this post, I’d so love it if you left a comment to share what resonated with you (or didn’t) and/ or any experience of your own inspired by this poem. My intention is that this blog becomes an interactive experience. Thank you!

8 thoughts on “An Ode to Autumn

  1. Dear Chloe, as I go to doctors everyday for a lifetime of bad health, as I choke down pills upon pills and strive to be a model patient, to live as long as I can, as I look back at the loss of my husband to cancer and my current husband who also has stage four cancer, as I prepare for yet another two day stay at the Mayo clinic as they try to save his life, as I weep and scream when my sweetheart cannot hear me, as I try to calm my mind but at a sudden point feel as though I’ve lost touch with my Master, I saw your poem. It helped and I thank you.


    • Dear Jeri, I’m so sorry for your strife. It’s hard to trust, at times, that He is orchestrating everything perfectly for us isn’t it. I am so glad this poem helped, and hope you come to feel more His love and blessings surrounding you as you move through your karmas. I appreciate your feedback here. Much love to you x


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