The Playground Within

There is a bully in this joyless playground,

A tyrant who throws deep belly punches of guilt and shame,

Who slings buckets of mud, sullying me with cruel words,

For not being a better mother, daughter, teacher, friend, lover.

This false friend, who took me under his wing,

Led me on a merry dance of half-truths and false promises,

Dazzled me with dream jobs, exotic travel, fun relationships,

Now shows his rage. And I cower, eyes tight shut, into a ball.

Until, a soft, tender whisper of Love warms my aching heart. 

For I say no to this unending Ferris wheel of outer experience,

The sorrow, pain and despair of these enticing dead-end trails,

The wrath of mind’s tantrum in the face of Truth.

I step aside from the terrorising shadow of my oppressor,

For I am not the hateful coward he would have me be.

I gaze up into the Radiant eyes of my lover within,

Whose warm illuminating rays give me a glimpse of my divinity.

In the scintillating clarity of this graced moment,

All fear, doubt, regret, confusion melt away.

I stand tall, a beacon of Love and truth shining from within,

And with the heart of a lion turn to face my foe.

My tormentor rears his head and puffs his chest,

Then shrinks before me, a mere trompe l’oeil,

His waggy tail, fluffy paws, and doleful eyes,

Beseeching me for love and discipline like an unruly child.

The concrete playground becomes a summer meadow,

Alight and alive with buttercups, poppies, bees and butterflies.

I cartwheel, somersault and tumble with joy, in this Eden within,

The tyrant, a mere puppy dog, nipping playfully at my heels.

If this poem resonated with you, feel free to comment…

8 thoughts on “The Playground Within

  1. Chloe, I so relate to this poem, and love the outcome. You did an awesome job of illustrating that fearful dominated-by-life state and the antidote to it. I especially enjoyed the way you painted the outcome, so blissful and free. Truly these bullies are but puppy dogs nipping at our heels. Oh, and I love the photo! Thank you.


    • Thank you Lesley! It’s a good reminder for me as my mind has been in overdrive recently. Remembering to tap in to that inner power is the only release, yet such resistance. The photo is of my dog, Ember. She’s four now but still has amazing eye contact and such a loving look.


  2. What a journey we have endured! It’s been heartbreaking at times, yet all necessary to get to that point where we start to question our needless suffering and the half-truths that we’ve been fed. Once awakened, the spiritual child within happily takes the hand of our loving Father who loves us unconditionally and makes possible our return to happiness and joy. Thank you, Chloe, for sharing your touching poem that is so relatable and inspiring.


    • Thank you Jamie, what a journey indeed! It does seem heartbreaking at times, and such a trial to remember the divine purpose of it all in the midst of that heartbreak. Though ultimately wonderful to realise that and use it to play our part in stepping towards our divinity. Thank you for commenting here Jamie, I’m glad you related to this.


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